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Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • 2024-2027: ANR PRCE “FAMOUS” (Associate Investigator)
     “Fair multimodal learning” (730k€).
  • 2024-2027: A*Midex International “MLCHEM” (Associate Investigator)
     “Advanced machine learning for chemistry” (740k€).
  • 2022-2027: ANR CMA “QuanTEdu-France” (Associate Investigator)
     “Training and education on quantum technologies” (1.6M€).
  • 2022-2027: ANR PEPR Quantique “EPiQ” (Associate Investigator)
     “Study of the quantum stack: Algorithms, models, and simulation for quantum computing” (300k€).
  • 2019-2024: ANR starting grant (JCJC) “QuantML” (Principal Investigator)
     “Quantum machine learning: foundations and algorithms” (214k€).
  • 2019-2023: Franco-Tunisian PHC Utique “OPeRA” (Co-Principal Investigator)
    Optimization and compression of deep learning models” (45k€).

Completed Projects

  • 2017-2020: ANR “Deep in France” (Coordinator for partner AMU)
     “Machine learning with deep neural networks” (811k€).

  • 2016-2019: ANR “Lives” (Associate Investigator)
     “Learning with interacting views: algorithms and benchmarks” (679k€).
  • 2014-2018: ANR JCJC “MAD” (Associate Investigator)
     “Inpainting of Missing Audio Data” (198k€).
  • 2013-2014: CNRS PEPS “FLAME” (PI)
    Functional data analysis in machine learning: from infinite-dimensional statistics to scalable and computationally efficient algorithms” (10k€).