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Teaching and Supervision

I am actively involved in both teaching and supervision of graduate and undergraduate students. I am teaching since 2012 at Aix-Marseille University (AMU) courses on algorithms, machine learning and data science. I strongly contributed to the development and implementation of the master’s programme “Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning” that was launched by the department of Computer Science at AMU in 2018. I have co-supervised 4 Ph.D. students and I am currently supervising 3 doctoral students on research topics related to quantum machine learning and deep learning.

Ph.D. Student Advising

  • Joachim Tomasi (2023 -)
    • Topic: Quantum machine learning
  • Xiaoyu Sun (2022 -)
    • Topic: Noisy quantum computation
  • Kais Hariz (2020 -)
    • Topic: Implicit regularization in deep learning
  • Balthazar Casalé (2019-2023)
    • Dissertation: Machine learning for quantum bandits and quantum entanglement detection
  • Luc Giffon (2017-2020)
    • Dissertation: Sparse approximations and kernel methods for learning compressed models
    • Current position: Post-doctoral researcher (INRIA)
  • Riikka Huusari (2016-2019)
    • Dissertation: Kernel learning for structured data: A study on learning operator- and scalar-valued kernels for multi-view and multi-task learning problems
    • Current position: Post-doctoral researcher (Aalto University, Finland)
  • Guillaume Rabusseau (2013-2016)
    • Dissertation: A tensor perspective on weighted automata, low-rank regression and algebraic mixtures
    • Current position: Assistant Professor at Mila and DIRO from Université de Montréal

Courses Taught

  • Doctoral courses
    • Quantum Machine Learning : Basics and Principles
    • Artificial Intelligence: from Machine Learning to Data Science
  • Undergraduate courses
    • Introduction to Data Science
    • Advanced Data Science
    • Machine Learning Basics
    • Foundations of Machine Learning
    • Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence
  • Graduate courses
    • Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Advanced Data Structures
    • Introduction to Programming with Python
    • C Programming
    • Project in Computer Science
    • Digital Signal Processing